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Meet our Trainers


Blake Douglass

Owner and Trainer

Working out has always been an interest of mine but it’s when I started coaching that I fell in love with what CrossFit is all about. CrossFit builds a strong community of people that all want to be healthier and stronger versions of themselves .

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Kayla Sherwood

I enjoy helping people accomplish goals they never thought possible. I also enjoy watching their confidence build, as well as their strength. My goals are to further my certification and learn new coaching techniques. I love Crossfit for many reasons. I love that it can help anyone regardless of age or ability.  I also love the variety that Crossfit offers. Crossfit has also made me stronger than I ever thought possible.


Joe Townsend

I've always want to share things with ppl.
So I wanted to become a trainer to share what I have learned or experienced to help them meet their goals. Because if they succeed, I have succeeded.
My goals are to keep moving forward. To be better than what I was in the past. That goes for life too, not just CrossFit. CrossFit has changed my life more than anything I've ever done. It's the community and family atmosphere that comes with it that makes it so special.


Thel Taylor



Tommy Bearden

I first saw CrossFit on ESPN in 2011. Having seen Worlds Strongest Man for years and knowing there was no way I could do that I was immediately fascinated by everything they where doing at the CF Games.
I started looking for a local box but the closest one was Jackson. Fast forward to 2014 and CrossFit Martin opened up. I started February 4 my first WOD was 10 rds 5- thrusters(95#) 1 rope climb could barely do a thruster and couldn’t do a single rope climb. Thought I was going to die. I was hooked!! Three weeks later entered my first CF Open. Ever since I started I’ve had two goals: 1-make it to the CrossFit Games 2-get my CF Level 1 and coach other people.
Especially older people who think they can’t because old people aren’t supposed to do things like that. What I tell I love most about CrossFit is it shows you what you can do it also treats everyone the same we hate the WOD before but shorty after it’s “I wonder what tomorrow’s is”

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